Frequently Asked Questions

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We want to avoid transactions costs for each article you read, so we allow withdraw as soon as you have earned a minimum of 500 satoshis.

To do this, use the option “I want to be forgotten” in the menu of the app.

See the example description for the Muun wallet.
However, any lightning enabled wallet can be used, and the procedure is somewhat the same for each Lightning wallet.

If an article has a green label with an amount of satoshi’s mentioned, you can earn that amount by opening the article and read it. You will get an indication that the amount of earned satoshi’s is added to your balance.

  1. You are reading an article that has no reward connected to it.
  2. The magazine itself is out of Satoshis to pay to a reader. (This can be temporarily)
  3. You’re not actually reading the articles. We look at device data to determine if you’re actually reading the article or simply opening/closing quickly, scrolling quickly through the article, etc.
  4. Your account is locked and you’re unable to earn on the Publizz app because we suspect there to be some type of abuse happening.

A typical Lightning transaction will cost between 10 and 35 Satoshis.

The Publizz app is a platform to earn bitcoin, not a bitcoin wallet. However, you can withdraw to your favorite compatible lightning wallet.

The bitcoin lightning network allows for fast & secure payments for almost no cost. As Bitcoin is accepted world-wide, it allows us to have the whole world as readers of our magazines.